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The Kim Possible Slash Community

It's about time for KP slash fans to have somewhere to come

Kim Possible Slash Fans
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The Kim Possible Slash Community

Slash is what, exactly?
Slash is a genre of fanfic which deals almost exclusively with same sex homoerotic relationships. Research has suggested it is written and read primarily by heterosexual females. As previously stated, slash began in the 70s with Kirk/Spock fiction. The term "slash" came from the slash mark between the names of the characters. In this way, the particular pairing of characters is articulated. It has spread to all kinds of TV and movie characters. Once slash came to the internet in the 90s, more men began reading and writing it, and it is no longer the exclusive domain of females (although about 95 percent of what I see is written by women).

Slash fiction is a subgenre of fan fiction, and many people wonder why so many women are drawn to it. It's a good question. There are numerous theories, and even a few scholarly articles, about this. Some women look at a buddy relationship between two men and read more into it; they find it fun to write about the things they see. It's interesting to reinterpret an existing relationship and define parameters within new boundaries. This makes slash fic challenging to write, and a new challenge is always fun, creatively speaking. Women often imbue male characters with the traits and characteristics of female characters in terms of caring and sharing, and some theories say this is to make up for a lack of such characteristics in the real-life male counterparts. (Hey, it's a theory!) Conversely, writers often torture, maim and mutilate for the sake of bringing the macho men closer. Aside from all that, women seem to secretly like to see guys together almost as much as guys like to see two women together...

Some readers have asked if people will think they are weird or gay, or whatever, if they read slash. In a word, NO. What you read does not totally define who you are, and it shouldn't be an issue if you are comfortable with who you are. (thanks to http://www.lyricalmagic.com/fanficFAQ.html for the definition!)

What is acceptable here?
Well, anything that has to do with a slash pairing from Kim Possible. Fanart, fanfiction, music vids, etc. You get the point. Just make sure you put a rating or warning on your racier stuff so nobody get offended. And could you put it under a cut if it's a story or large picture? Thanks! ^_^

What isn't tolerated here?
Homophobia. I have a "Two Strikes-You're out!" policy here.
One homophobic comment, you're going to be warned. Two, you're going to be banned.

Anything Else?
If you don't agree with someone's pairing, that's fine, but don't be immature and start a full-on war about that pairing. Also, if someone does a piece of fanart that has to do with, for example, bdsm, and you don't agree with that, then don't look at it!

Is that all?
Yup, I want you guys to have fun!!! ^______________________^



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